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Immense Blessings 5 star

This is my second time of booking Ganesha Chaturthi Puja. I am pleased to have received the wonderful video of the puja. Hope everybody can share my pleasure.

I am indebted to Lord Ganesha, he has been showering immense blessings to me. I am indebted to Mayank's perfect arrangement, as well as to priests of Eshwar Bhakti for conducting such high professional puja for me.
- Ray Luen , Hong Kong, 25-September-2017

Experienced a Miracle 5 star

I can say that I have experienced a miracle. I had donated $75 for feeding cows and I have earned $750 more this month. Actually, I am housewife, but sometimes I get baby sitting. So, after a long gap, this month I have got. Thank you. And my ambition is to serve more and more cows.

- Jignasha Joshi, USA, 1-September-2017

Connecting people with God 5 star

Mayankji - thank you for sending the photos and a big thank you for such wonderful service for connecting people with God. Continue sending us best wishes and prayers.
- Shikha J. , USA, 26-June-2017

Miraculous effect 5 star

There was remarkable improvement in Sanvi's health since the puja was done. Please let the priests know about this. And just after 10 days she has recovered fully. Mahamrityunjay puja has had a miraculous effect. Thank you so much for getting that done.
- Mrityunjay K. , USA, 19-January-2016

Miracle happened 5 star

I've ordered the Baglamukhi Puja and Yagna at the time of the biggest crisis of my life, when I faced a legal problem with potentially ten years prison sentence. I liked the fact that I could call the priest for Sankalpa as some other websites didn't include this in service and I think it's particularly important to make a personal connection with place where puja and yagna are held. I was given a mantra to chant on the day and I followed this advise. In just few weeks time, my solicitor called and said that the case against me is going to be closed and that she didn't expect this to happen. I received the official confirmation of it's being done today.

I am very greatful to all the priests and Mr Mayank Goyal personally for making this miracle happen. God bless you all!
- Tamara S. , Norfolk, UK, 18-June-2016

Ati Rudra and Vishnu Maha Yagnas 5 star

I am very happy and I think all the pundits are happy, too. The work has been completed. It was done with devotion and attention to every detail. I must say that my reverence and affection for the service of the pundits grew every day. Now it is in a level which words cannot express.

Despite not being able to understand a simple sentence in Hindi, the language of the heart told me about the sincerity of your devotion; your commitment to the yagna; the greatness of your acharyas; your knowledge of the Vedas; your understanding of the Sanathana Dharma. Please accept my gratitude.

My special recognition to the head punditji for his leadership, organizational skills and hospitality. His guidance and explanations made it possible to understand some esoteric issues of the pujas. I thank all the teachings, patience and considerations that you had with me.

I thank Mr Mayank Ji for the good organization of the event. Professionally and spiritually, the service rendered of these very sophisticated pujas, fulfilled all the expectations. His role in customer service was crucial to communicate successfully with the pandits and experiencing the pujas comfortably. I wish a lot of success for his company. Bringing the pujas to the global market is a great service to the world, and also to the Brahmin community.

To The Supreme Being, Lord Ganesh, Lord Rudra, Lord Vishnu, all the deities, great beings, holy, teachers, who participated in the yagas, please accept our gratitude, reverence and devotion.

Tomorrow when I return to Colombia I will remember all of you with gratitude, respect and love. May God blesses us with the opportunity to perform another big puja in this life.
- Enrique Cordoba, Colombia, 1-June-2016

It worked ! 5 star

The Balaji puja worked !!! Today, I won 810 Euros from the state lottery that I play with ! Very good, thank you very much !.
- Michael B. , Austria, 13-April-2016

Do Pooja every month 5 star

Namaste Mayank; Thank you so much for the beautiful Kubera's Pooja and the DVD of the pooja you did for me! I would like to humbly thank you and the priests for placing my picture by your beautiful altar ... which is a big blessing by itself!! Words can not explain how grateful I am for this, thank you!!!!!!!!!!! You are the BEST, and I would have no hesitation to recommend you to all my friends. I am wishing I could do a pooja every month ... and so be it:) You really are the Best!! May lord Kubera bless you all !!
- Ramanthie Pugsley,Canada, 27-August-2014

Very grateful to the Pundits 5 star

I am very grateful to the Pundits who pray with me for the health of my beloved. And to Mayank Goyal who made this possible - for his professionalism, his availability at each moment, in sum for the wonderful job he is doing in the service of others. Be blessed, thank you, with all my gratefulness.
- Ioana Bena, Switzerland and Romania, 19-June-2014

Joe Vitale recommends 5 star

If you read my book, "The Attractor Factor," you might remember that I talked about an unusual way to remove blocks to attracting your desires.

I called it Karmic Surgery in the book and said I often used "yagnas" to clear old baggage. Yagnas are an ancient way to invoke the blessings of a deity for the fulfillment of desires. By means of the yagya performances, the result can bestow health, wealth, protection, success in relationships, business and career growth, etc.

Scott if you like, but I've been having yagnas done for me for over ten years now.

I would personally recommend to opt for services.

Have an open mind and check it out.
Expect Miracles.
- Joe Vitale, 17-September-2013
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